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An easy appointment scheduling system, designed to help you
grow your business. Let your customers book appointments
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Book appointments from
within your own website

Why send clients away from your website? That’s bad design.

With VIBE, your clients can book appointments within your own website.

Just as importantly, they can modify those appointments, make payment, and send messages there too. VIBE puts the “HOME” back in Home Page.

Supports your need

Doesn't matter if you have no website at all or a well established website.
Vibe supports multiple plugins and widgets or use your included custom booking site.

Compatibility with every device

VIBE is a mobile-responsive online booking system, so it works on laptops, desktops, iPads, smartphones, and anything else people use to get online.

Avoid No Shows!

When clients cancel without warning, it creates a hole you can’t fill. That’s time and money you will never get back.
VIBE is designed to cut those losses from the get-go.

Run promos like a pro.
A Marketing Machine

Set up sales, create coupons, and offer discount codes. Tailor your promotions to target specific client segments. You can even offer a discount to a single individual customer — all in mere moments, anytime you need. VIBE makes it easy.

Organizes your clients into segmented audiences and chart their engagement with your company over time. You can then run email marketing campaigns from within VIBE, targeting customers with messages that convert to bookings/sales.

Easy to Use

Sometimes, the most capable systems are also the hardest to use. When we designed VIBE, we knew that more features can mean greater complexity.

Our goal was to create a truly powerful, all-in-one online booking system that would be a breeze for anyone to use — even the least tech-y among us. - VIBE is as easy to use as it is to say or spell.

Powerful appointment management for every
kind of business.

Doesn't matter your business. We here at Vibe are here to help you succeed!


Customers expect to be able to pay from the comfort of their home. With Vibe you will have your payment system online in matter of minutes. We will even send your custom invoices to your customers. Everything with state of the art security so both you and your customers can feel safe

Feeling the Vibe?

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Starter Plan


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1,000 messages Unlimited data Unlimited user First 7 days free

Business Plan


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10,000 messages Unlimited data Unlimited user First 7 days free

Extended Plan


Per user / month

50,000 messages Unlimited data Unlimited user First 7 days free

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